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NEW! XLO  Metalworking Oils
From XL-Brand Metalworking Fluids


XLO-W68: Premium Quality Slideway Lubricant 

  • XLO-W68 is an ISO 68 slide way lubricant manufactured with Group II base stocks for optimum thermal stability.  

  • XLO-W68 is a premium non-metallic (non-zinc), sulfur free, and slide way lubricant.

  • XLO-W68 provided excellent de-emulsification properties that prevents it from mixing into coolants and reduces the coolants performance.

  • XLO-W68 is to be used as received for use on all types of machine tools requiring a tacky, non-corrosive and EP fortified product.  

  • XLO-W68 is approved for use as a P-47 Cincinnati Milacron Specification heavy medium way lubricant.                                                                   

XLO-H32: Hydraulic Oil

  • XLO-H32 is a high quality grade of hydraulic oil formulated with Group II hydrotreated base oils to meet the specifications of major hydraulic pump manufacturers and major equipment manufacturers.

  • XLO-H32 meets or exceeds the following specifications:

•    Vickers I-286-S, M-2950-S
•    Denison HF-2
•    Cincinnati Milacron P-68

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