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In 2023, Exsell ChemSystems Inc. will be celebrating our 25th anniversary.  Exsell ChemSystems was founded in 1998 by a family having mutual interests in starting a company to take advantage of their extensive industrial chemical backgrounds.  Founded by Dave, Gail and Tom Bagrier,  Exsell ChemSystems was formed to serve Texas and Southwestern metal product manufacturers and fabricators. 

Dave Bagrier by 1998, had amassed 40 years of experience in industrial cleaners, metalworking and finishing chemicals.  Today,  Tom Bagrier manages sales and service for our customers. Combining 'Best Product Selection' with 'Value-Added Service' programs customized to our customer's needs, and Continuous Improvement programs.

Now, after 25 years, Exsell ChemSystems successfully markets proven XL-Brand Coolants, XL-Brand Metalworking Fluids and CS-Brand Industrial Cleaners and Specialties that offer consistent performance for today’s metalworking and machining operations.  Exsell customers save money while improving production processes and lower maintenance costs with longer trouble-free production runs.

Exsell proudly offers “NO RISK Coolant Trials" and product demonstrations to prove performance.  Please reach out and contact us to talk about your needs to do better . . . attaining quality, productivity, plus performance goals, efficient cost control and more.

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Exsell ChemSystems, Family of Brands 

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